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Syndicated Content / Revenue Programs

Digital Performance offers a way to add consumer value and ad revenue to automotive web sites: syndicate our performance parts search engine.

Bring your site visitors the ability to quickly locate the parts and accessories that will improve their ownership experience. Information on which parts fit which vehicles is up to date and accurate because it comes directly from the manufacturer. Create over a million additional advertising opportunities for manufacturers and resellers to reach active shoppers.

Syndication services are integrated into your web site in two basic ways - simply by adding a 'Marketplace' function, for instance, or more completely integrated into your site content. Our parts search engine can adapt to appear 'organically' within your site. As well as adding consumer value and stickiness, this is a potential additional source of revenue. And the increased traffic can benefit advertising arrangements you already have.

If you have an automotive enthusiast site, you may be a candidate for our syndication services. Learn more about your options by contacting us.