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Pay for Performance

Deliver your message at the very moment it has the most impact.

Pay-for-Performance (P4P)With our Pay-for-Performance (P4P) program, your banner can appear to site visitors searching for the parts you sell (or make) - when they are in the process of researching to buy.

That means your message hits when the prospect is a "hot lead." And the way our parts search works, your banners will appear in the section of the page titled "Buy this product from." In other words, clicking on your ad is the logical next step for a prospect that has found the part he wants. This means you're where you need to be to 'strike while the iron is hot!'

Get going in minutes!

DPI has created a customer interface that makes it easy for you, as an advertiser, to identify brands where you want your banners to appear. That means you literally select hundreds; even thousands of exposure opportunities with a single click.

Get the impact of a multi-million dollar marketing campaign for just a few cents per prospect.

Five years of delivering quality information to consumers has built the confidence and respect reflected in 9 million annual site visits. Now, that credibility is available to you at the critical point in the sales process where your banner placement has maximum leverage.

A well-placed and well-phrased ad banner appearing on the results page of a search can tilt the purchase decision toward the better-presented product or service right at the moment of truth.

Total Quality Targeting.

Searches on the DPI Marketplace, especially those based on year/make/model criteria, produce only quality results, and deliver serious prospects.

As a result, DPI P4P programs give you the opportunity to reach a pool of prospects who are in the process of researching to buy. The opportunities can be keyed to initial research in a performance category or specifically to a list of parts; meaning that only actual prospects - who can depend on the parts fitting their vehicles - will see your ad banner.

It's time you stopped wondering how much of your marketing and advertising budget is wasted! Invest in DPI's P4P Marketplace program and none of it will be.

Low cost per prospect click.

A click on your banner brings a prospect to your site.

DPI's P4P program brings pre-qualified prospects, ready to buy, for pennies.