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Digital Performance History

Digital Performance, Inc. (DPI) has a goal of revolutionizing the Automotive Aftermarket.

DPI's Aftermarket Shopping Guide is the consumer's reference for one million aftermarket parts and accessories -- organized by year/make/model.

This Shopping Guide operates not only on DPI's popular Directories, but is also available to site publishers as a web service that enhances content and site "stickiness" as well as bringing substantial extra ad revenue.

DPI's eCataloging and eCommerce software, SPEEDcat, is a web service that allows manufacturers to create their own AAIA ACES (year-make-model) and PIES-compatible product data. It exports this product data to eCommerce sites, WDs and major chains, and to the Aftermarket Shopping Guide. The ultimate objective is assuring greater fitment accuracy, resulting in fewer returns and higher consumer satisfaction.

DPI's mission is revolutionizing the way the SEMA industry informs and serves the enthusiast.

Digital Performance, Inc. is a member of the following associations: