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Product Data Development Service


DPI has created SPEEDCat, a web service to process manufacturer data and turn it into a format easily accepted by web retailers and distributors.

The reason this is important is that the aftermarket, unlike the OEM replacement market, has long been operating without a data standard. By bringing data to the same standard, DPI, in coordination with SEMA, has made it possible for parts "fitment" listings to approach 100% accuracy.

This benefits the industry and consumers alike.

In the past, resellers anticipated customer parts rejection rates of up to 20% because they had to rely on bad or outdated data. DPI's solution to this problem is a data standard that takes information directly from the manufacturer and distributes it to wholesalers, resellers and consumers. The DPI data standard is called FitsRight Data. It accommodates not only what year, make and model a part fits, but all the pertinent information a purchaser will need to support a buying decision, from description and photos to application notes, dyno results, etc. It also can accommodate multiple pricing levels, from WD to consumer.

DPI makes it possible for companies to enter this data themselves, through an easy web interface, or can manage the entire process for a manufacturer. In the aftermarket world, where development is continuous and fast paced, it's not unusual for a company to have data in spreadsheets, text documents, even on post-it notes. The FitsRight Data standard accommodates all of this data and creates a tidy format that can literally "plug in" to a web site commerce operation, populating it with an entire company's product line in seconds.

Companies using the SPEEDCat system keep data up to date and go a long way toward preventing costly merchandise returns for non-fitment. And everyone benefits from that whether manufacturer, reseller or consumer.

SPEEDCat Benefits
  • AAIA Enhanced Standards Compliant. Quickly map parts data to AAIA's ACES (year-make-model/engine) and PIES standards.
  • Data exports standard from SPEEDCat are:
  • ACES Data Export PIES Data Export NAPA Auto Parts Data Export ACTIVANT Data Export
  • Freely distribute parts data. Share cataloged data with your dealer and retail network whenever you want.
  • Access data in real time. Cross-platform, web-based technology allows data to be accessed and updated in real-time ...anytime!

SPEEDCat gives manufacturers and distributors of performance parts and accessories the ability to catalog and manage their complex product lines to AAIA Enhanced Standards in an easy-to-use, web-based platform.


With SPEEDCat you can:

Map parts data to AAIA ACES standard. Quickly organize and categorize aftermarket performance products in a year-make-model and engine configuration which links directly to AAIA Catalog Enhanced Standards (ACES).

Add or update whole product lines quickly and easily. Compatible with Microsoft Excel and other standard spreadsheet software applications. Files can be uploaded, automatically pre-formatted, and ready for fine-tuning.

Manage complex product lines and lists of parts. Assign categories, kits, product attributes (e.g., color, height, material, etc.), and if applicable, cross-link add-on products or related products for "up selling" possibilities.

Enhance product details to ensure correct part selection. Along with part number, pricing, weights and inventory level, product profiles can include any or all of the 46 fields in the AAIA PIES standard, including pictures, barcode, MSDS codes, installation instructions, warranty info, OEM part number, etc.

Distribute product data in real time. Freely release product data to support employees, customers and trading partners with up-to-date information whenever you want, reducing product time-to-market.

Export data to established distributors. Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone, Arrow Speed, NAPA, MotorState, Summit Racing, Wrenchead, & Activant.

Select supported makes for parts and accessories. Edit a single part to the product database. Cross-link related products to single or multiple parts for "up selling" capabilities.