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SPEEDCat data is held in DPI's massive database, connected to hundreds of distributors and resellers - both with brick-and-mortar stores and with Internet stores.

Updating product data or pricing or fitment or photos - anything about the product - can be accomplished by accessing the product record in SPEEDCat, changing it and saving it. From that moment on, all requests for that product's data are updated. Anywhere in the world.

One place where product data is viewed every day is on DPI's directory sites. The four industry directory sites are: by Digital Performance by Digital Performance by Digital Performance by Digital Performance,, and Between them, they get about four million visitors a year. Best of all, those visitors aren't casual readers. They come to DPI directory sites because they are researching to buy performance parts. We don't know of any other place prospective buyers go in such concentrations.

A typical visitor to a DPI directory site may be looking for a specific company or may be using our year/make/model search function to find parts for his specific car or truck. The data that search brings up is current - literally up-to-the-minute.

In the old days, a manufacturer would place an ad in a magazine. Weeks later, an inquiry card would arrive. The manufacturer would mail out product literature. A sale might or might not happen as a result. Today, the instant gratification of DPI's directories on the Internet mean that a customer clicks on a product listing and gets all the necessary product information immediately. In some cases, a retailer that sells the specific product is displayed next to the item. The entire research and shopping process has gone from over a month to mere minutes!