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Aftermarket Search Engines

Finding performance parts and accessories to fit a specific car or truck is no longer a hit-or-miss task.

DPI Aftermarket Search Engines

DPI has created a data standard that makes matching year make and model to parts and accessories simple. DPI takes data directly from the manufacturer and makes it available to consumers, installers and other resellers, 24/7. Site visitors can use the information to identify part numbers to use in shopping at local stores, or, in most instances, can simply click on a link to a web retailer that carries the product. Over three quarters of a million products are classified this way on the DPI directory sites. To search this way, a site visitor simply clicks on the 'product search' or 'advanced search' links.

Off-Road MarketplaceDPI also powers the "Marketplace" section of through a syndication agreement. There are more syndication partners coming on line in the next few months. And if you manage a site with a minimum of one million car or truck enthusiasts visiting each month, syndication is an exciting revenue opportunity for you. Click here for more information.

Aftermarket Directories by Digital Performance by Digital Performance by Digital Performance by Digital Performance

Digital Performance, Inc. publishes the largest directory of aftermarket parts and accessories suppliers in the industry.

This industry directory organizes 36,000 aftermarket companies by the products they make, and provides contact information and links to websites. It also displays a company’s range of product offerings.

For people who know what they are looking for, the aftermarket directories on,, and are an invaluable resource.

Companies wishing to be added to the directory need only contact DPI and request it. Listings are a free service to the aftermarket community. Each directory home page has a link at the bottom for companies to use to add or update their listing.