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Low-cost Enthusiast Advertising

With nearly 10 million annual visitor sessions on all of its directory sites, DPI offers access to automotive enthusiasts that is unique in its efficiency.

1. Millions of Visitors by Digital Performance is our site aimed at enthusiasts with trucks, hot rods and late model cars that are used primarily on the street. It is projected to draw over 7 million unique visitors in 2007. by Digital Performance is for professional and amateur racers and pit crews and fans. It is projected to draw approximately 1.3 million unique visitors in 2007. by Digital Performance is for offroad driving and racing participants and enthusiasts, and for people who like the ‘look’ for their street vehicles. It is projected to draw just under 575,000 unique visitors in 2007. by Digital Performance Is our motorcycle specialty site, serving street, offroad and track riders. It is projected to reach over a quarter of a million visitors this year.

2. No Borrowed Interest

DPI sites have no model shots or even editorial. They exist to assist parts and accessories shoppers in finding the stuff they are looking for. No distractions. The sites are for research leading to purchases.

3. Research leading to purchase

Because there is no other reason to visit the DPI directory sites, the visitor is researching companies or seeking the latest parts and accessories for his/her vehicle.

As they navigate through the directory sites, ads expose users to brands that will come up in the categories they are searching. This brand reinforcement is timely as the site user progresses to the recommended parts, and increases the likelihood that the user will click on that advertiser's product. This is brand advertising at the moment that it has the most impact.